Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snow Days and Menu Planning.

The snow is still with us and has somewhat delayed any last minute Christmas shopping as the roads are still so icy.

The food shop is my next task, the menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is done, the shopping list is written and this evening I am off to get as much of it done as possible!

On Christmas Eve we are joined by friends and family for a teatime Buffet of easy to eat food. I keep it relaxed and as stress free as possible as people drop in to share the food and Christmas wishes.

On Christmas Day we have the traditional dinner, Turkey and all the trimmings.

Once I cooked dinner for 27 people!! it was a major operation just seating everyone but 'Oh what fun we had...'

These days it is a quieter affair with 12 for lunch this year and a few more joining us in the evening.

Here's the Christmas 2010 Lunch at Shelly's Menu:

Welcome to all: Champagne, Raspberry Vodka shots and Mulled Fruit Punch.

Let's Begin: Seafood Platter or French Onion Soup or Mellon Cup.

The Main Event:
Roast Turkey, Honey Glazed Roast Gammon.

Sausage and Bacon Wraps, Apricot and Walnut Stuffing.

Roast Potato's, Buttered New Potato's.

Baked Cauliflower Cheese.

Garden Peas and Glazed Carrots.

Brussel Sprouts with bacon and walnuts.

Port Gravy, Cranberry sauce and Redcurrant jelly.

Sweet Sensations:
Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce.

Pandoro Cake with Vanilla Custard

Mince Tarts with Brandy Butter

Chocolate Yule Cake with Vanilla Ice cream.

Cheese Platter.

Port and Coffee.

Chocolate mints and truffles.

I am truly blessed to be able to celebrate in this way with my family and friends and I am truly grateful for those blessings.

Hope your plans are going well and as my niece told me today ...

"only 4 more sleeps to go"


Friday, 17 December 2010

Well Christmas has arrived at my house!

The decorations are up....

The tree is dressed....

The cozy Christmas blankets are out....

The sign's are up....

The Snowman cookie jar has taken up his place in the kitchen....

Just in case we need reminding....

Jack Frost came to call....

Mother Nature provided the finishing touch....

7 days to go....

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It arrived in the post...

Isn't it great when lovely things arrive by post!

While I had some time off last week I caught up with lot's of things I was meaning to get round too and this included getting on line and ordering some things I had been dreaming of being the proud owner of.

These Vicky Archer books arrived and I love them, the photographs are wonderful and these books have pride of place on my coffee table.


I first came across these books on the 'my french country home' blog.
There is a link to Amazon on the side bar if you want to browse the books.

This also arrived this week.
A beautiful Christmas craft kit from Alica at Posie Gets Cozy.
And last to arrive was my order from The White Company of my favorite Christmas candle 'Winter'. I am addicted to its scent filling my home.

It's felt like Christmas every day especially as it has been so cold here and the postman has arrived each snowy and frosty morning with my wonderful parcels.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Days

It has been snowing on and off here all week.

I have some time off work this week and it has been perfect for getting some Christmas organising done.

I have not started decorating the house yet but will make a start this weekend.

At the moment I am just enjoying the planning and making a list of the gifts still to be bought.

I made Jamie Oliver's Green Curry Sauce ( from Jamie's 30 min Meals book ) last night to go with stir fry veggies and chicken strips.

The sauce is fantastic - you use ginger, fresh chillies, fresh coriander, garlic, lemon grass, spring onions, lime juice, coconut milk and green beans (it is a greener colour than in my photo)

It is full of delicate flavour and was delicious on the chicken and veggies.

Stay Warm.