Sunday, 6 February 2011

February Blues....

"One month is past, another begun,
Since merry bells rang out the dying year,
And buds of rarest green began to peer,
As if impatient for a warmer sun;
And though the distant hills are bleak and dun,
The virgin snowdrop like a lambent fire,
Pierces the cold earth with it's green streaked spire.
By Hartley Coleridge 1842.

I find February a most difficult month..... the appeal of cozy evenings indoors is wearing thin and I find myself waiting for real signs of Spring.

February blues (maybe that should be greys; the same colour as the sky!) have really got a hold on me this week. I have been so busy with work and family commitments that my usual routines and good intentions have been seriously neglected which has just added to the 'grey mood'. I had the day all to myself... so I had a quick clean up to freshen up the house, had a long bath and turned it into a home spa.. face and hair treatment packs, mini manicure etc.... Bliss.

I needed to get back menu planning, I have let it slip for the last couple of weeks and our meals have been a lot less healthy and they cost a lot more! So I checked the cupboards and the freezer and have planned for the week ahead.

The Sunday roast is in the oven and the rest of my February 'beat the blues' plan includes:

  • Sorting out my photographs and updating my albums.
  • Get out walking, even on a grey day, and look for the Snowdrops and Catkins emerging from their Winter shelter.
  • Make some skin nourishing Aromatherapy oils, I love essential oils and making my own lotions and potions.

I am also planning to cook some lovely Spring dishes from Sophie Dahls recipes.

( from Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights - see side bar)

Here's to chasing the February blues away...

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