Thursday, 28 October 2010

Woman to Woman.

Life moves through so quickly, time moves on so fast....

This week has been a really sad time for my family I had to say my final goodbye to my much loved Nana, she was a remarkable women, one of the last of her generation. Born in 1912 she had lived through 2 World Wars and her courage in the face of adversity, her determination to keep her family together, her kindness to strangers, her generosity and her love of life have been inspirational to me throughout my life.

Then one of my dearest girlfriends came to spend the day with me,
It was so nice to have a 'girly' day, we talked (a lot), we had a browse round the town, we had lunch out, we had a look at some of your lovely blogs, we discussed clothes, cooking, house decorating, getting ready for Christmas...and so much more in between.
My spirits were lifted, the strength of friendship - woman to woman.
Also this week I discovered 2 brilliant 'lifestyle' websites:
It is run by Emma Forbes (daughter of the talented and beautiful actress Nannette Newman)
This inspirational woman really simplified her life.
So woman to woman - call your family and friends this week, make a date to meet up because time moves on so quickly and true friendship is priceless.

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  1. So sorry to hear of the loss of your Nana Shelly. Her generation went through so much but would never think to complain or feel hard done by. Such strength of character and resolve we can only marvel at. Treasure your memories.