Sunday, 16 January 2011

Clean and Simple

When the mood takes you there is just no stopping!

I am of course talking about Cleaning.

Once all the Christmas and Birthday things were gone all I wanted to do was clean the house from top to bottom.

And then one thing led to another.... I thought the bedroom walls needed a bit of a freshen up so I persuaded my hubby to give them a coat of paint, which meant emptying the room out, which led to dismantling wardrobes which led to sorting out all our clothes..... it was unstoppable!!!

It was just what a I needed.... clean as a new pin, sorted, clutter free, simplified!

A good beginning for a grey and rainy January.

1 comment:

  1. Your bedroom is gorgeous Shelly! The brown accents give it a really 'hotel chic' look.

    There's nothing like a good clean and clear-out is there. I do admire your resolve in having to dismantle the wardrobes!