Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Easy Dinner for Two

Things have been really hectic lately with not much time for posting! The Spring is still taking it's time and my mood has been somewhat 'melancholy'

Going for a weekend away in Norfolk this coming weekend so will take some pictures and I am hoping the sun will shine to lift my spirits.

This was last nights easy dinner for 2 but it is great if there is a crowd too.
Fry the mincemeat (chicken pieces work really well too) with chopped onion and garlic ,when cooked add tin of chopped tomatoes and a packet of Fajita spice powder and simmer till dark and thick in consistency.
While the pan is cooking prepare bowls of what ever salads you want, a bowl of grated cheese, a sour cream or salsa or similar dressing (I used thick plain yogurt with mint and chopped cucumber) when everything is ready warm through the tortilla wraps and place all the bowls and the pan on the table and then wrap up a little of everything you want in the tortilla.
Its a great 'hands on' help yourself way of eating.
Hope you have a good week.

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  1. Have a great time in Norfolk Shelly - you lucky girl. One of my favourite walks is through the pine forest from gorgeous Holkham to Wells. Sorry to hear you are feeling slightly melancholy. We were teased by some lovely sunshine at the weekend - hopefully it will be back soon! Mind you, I love Norfolk whatever the weather.