Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Butternut Squash

If you love Butternut Squash try this....

Half the squash, scoop out the seeds and stringy bits, drizzle with olive oil and put in a roasting tin , cook until soft, this should take 40-50mins.

Meanwhile gently fry diced tomato, peppers, garlic and herbs of your choice till soft (you can add what ever you like to this leeks and mushrooms work well too)

Once the squash is cooked you add the veggies to basin in the squash or you can scoop out the flesh of the squash and mix it into the softened veggies before putting it back into the squash shell (this is a better presentation if your serving it to others)

Then dot with goats cheese and return to the oven till cheese has melted.

Yumm.... my friend Nicola also told me to try this, half the squash and prepare for roasting drizzle a little olive oil, sprinkle with Cinnamon and some brown sugar and roast.
Have not tried that yet but it sounds lovely.

Happy Cooking.


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  1. Sounds delicious Shelly - I love squash have you tried it with blue cheese!!