Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Christmas has passed in a mountain of presents, piles of wrapping paper, a family feast, games were played and the house filled with love and thanks in celebration of the baby's birth all those years ago.

New Years Eve was a more grown up affair and spent having dinner with friends. I am not one for New Years resolutions but I am a planner, a dreamer and a 'glass half full' rather than 'half empty' kinda girl!

Now I am looking forward to packing away the decorations and thoroughly cleaning the house (starting today) I am going to buy a big bunch of flowers for the table and some spring bulbs for the kitchen that hold the promise of the Spring to come.

But for now with a clean and tidy house I am still lighting the candles, cooking with Winter foods and keeping us cosy for the next couple of months.

A very Happy New Year to all.


1 comment:

  1. Just wanted to wish you a belated happy new year :)

    What a nice post you wrote, it reminded me about all the cleaning I have to do! ;) I'd better start tomorrow!!
    Have a nice week,