Saturday, 11 September 2010

The End of Salad Days....?

Well maybe not quite the end as I like them too much.... but....

As I am away from home for the next 3 weekends! were having a big family dinner here tomorrow.
The weather isn't nice enough to all sit out in the garden like we have been doing when we've all got together over the last few months; so its back to extending tables and extra chairs inside to fit us all in.

I have decided to cook a roast chicken dinner for tomorrow's lunch in honor of the change in seasons, I am about ready to have a break from the salads and think about roast potatos, Yorkshire Puddings and root vegetables again.

So early this morning before anyone else woke I could be found in 'the reading chair 'with my cookery books.

I love this book: Home Cooking by Rachel Allen.

It is the perfect family cook book.

Inspired I got into the kitchen.

I made a huge batch of Chilli-con-Carne for the freezer using the Roast Tomato and Garlic recipe (see Flowers, Tomato's and Plums post) as a base sauce.

I made cupcakes and mini cakes for a sweet treat for after tomorrows lunch using the recipe's from the book 'Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery'

This is a lovely book full of great idea's for cupcakes for every occasion.

The Primrose Bakery is in Notting Hill in London.

It was a good morning in the kitchen.
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Oh Notting Hill, it;s on top of my wish-to-visits list. Love your 'The end of Salad days' I feel a bit the same about it.
    Happy hugs for a lovely Sunday, Shelly.
    We have rain rain rain... xoxoxo