Thursday, 9 September 2010

House of Drawers

I live in a house of drawers!

I seem to have more drawers than most people I know!

I love them because they allow me to store my things in groups and match the drawer to the size of the object to be placed in it.

I have 2 of these 9 drawer oak chests with iron work handles, I love them because they fit all the CD's and DVD's in so the 'clutter' is hidden away.

I also keep candles, linens, pens and stationary in them.

This is a mini set of drawers that I keep cards and writing paper in, it stands on top of one of the oak chests.

More tiny drawsers bought just because I love them.

Kitchen drawers, keeping all the utensils dust free and out of site.

I even have just the right size drawer in my bedroom for my make up.

There are more but I think I am becoming a drawer bore.

So more drawers less clutter, more drawers more organised, more drawers easier to sort and tidy,

More drawers more room to show the pretty things.

I rest my case on behalf of the humble drawer.

Hope your having a good week?

The drawer lady!

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