Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Day in Cambridge

Today we went to Cambridge, we park the car at Trumpington Road opposite the Botanic Gardens and walk across the common land, following the river until we reach the old city centre.

It is a walk we often do especially in the summer.
Today the walk was beautiful, the river full of punts and visitors to the city enjoying the sunshine.
Cows roam the common land and as you follow the river the spires of Kings College come into view.

On the river punts were filled with people holding picnic rugs, cushions, glasses of wine and laughter when a hapless punter lost control of the punt and collision was inevitable!

There is a family of swans on the river - 5 cygnets and the parents, we have often seen them building and sitting on the nest when we do this walk.

As we approach the city the beautiful old buildings begin to come into view.

On a Sunday there is a Farmers and Craft Market in the city centre square just in front of Kings College.

I went to my favorite stall and bought 2 'hearts' one made of bleached twigs and one solid wooden one with the word 'Life -it's a wonderful life' on it.

The spires of KINGS.

I also bought this delicious set of painted tiles in metal holder for use as drinks mats, prices were much cheaper than the design shops and I loved the simplicity (there's that word again!)

There is more to share but I will wait for another time.

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