Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Simple Food.

I have been putting into practice my quest to get more organized with the shopping, preparation and cooking of our food.

On Sunday night I prepared a menu for the weeks evening meals - (nothing elaborate or over descriptive, I need a bit of poetic licence to create!!)

and the menu looked like this for Monday:

Monday - Chicken with Potatoes and Salad.

So we ended up with cold roast chicken (left from Sunday lunch), a summer salad made from mixed salad leaves, baby tomatos, yellow pepper, wonderful organic beetroot, cucumber, and some feta cheese and potato salad made from new potatoes, fresh peas, with mayonnaise and chopped mint dressing and topped with hard boiled free range organic eggs.

See what I mean by poetic licence!!!

Lets see what happens for the rest of the week........

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