Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Practice what you preach.

I have this week off from work and for the past 2 days have I been sorting out, cleaning out and throwing out! (well recycle actually)

I planned to have this time to organise and 'simplify' (see previous posts) so I started with the cupboards!
First I cleared the ironing pile - I am lucky enough to have my lovely Mum to come and do my ironing while I am at work but thought as I was at home this week I had better do it myself!

(I spotted the street sign in the photo above in Cambridge)

Then I sorted through and cleaned the kitchen cupboards.

Not sure why I like cleaning so much but definitely do!

Then I moved on to the wardrobe, I had a good sort out of my clothes in the spring but still managed to make a pile of things that I haven't worn this summer for recycling.

I organise my wardrobe by hanging the same types of clothes together in groups and then in colour sets - this way I can see everything and it helps when I want to see what might work together.

While I was doing this I started thinking about Autumn/Winter! I had to stop myself from making a 'wish list' i.e. long brown leather boots!!

Love the buttons on this. Love the colours in this.

Conclusion - I don't need any more clothes! so I am on a self imposed ban until the Autumn/Winter wish list is well and truly needed.

For the rest of my 'At Home Week' I will be cooking, reading, gardening and enjoy some family and friends time.

Shelly x

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