Monday, 30 August 2010

Seaside Gems

This gorgeous beach is like a secret, it was almost empty on a sunny day in August!
The white peaked roof tops is where we stayed, tucked in behind the sand dunes which open up to this....

the beach went on and on, the sea was so far out and it was stunningly beautiful.

The pier at St Anne's.

We also visited Southport, a lovely seaside town.

Fleetwood Dock.

There has been a change in the weather since we returned home, English seaside days may well be over for this summer.
How lovely it was to walk the promanade in Southport, to have my feet in the sand at St Annes and to watch the boats in the harbour at Fleetwood.
The North West coast is in my blood, childhood and adulthood memories anchor me there.

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